L’Authentique and Delbos Product List

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Fresh Pate Product Range
Packaged in plastic tubs with cardboard tamper evident wraps (10-14 days shelf-life)

Chicken and Duck Parfait 80 gram
Chicken and Duck Parfait 160 gram
Truffle & Mushroom Parfait 80 gram
Truffle & Mushroom Parfait 160 gram
Chicken Liver Parfait 160 gram
Duck Liver Parfait 160 gram

Kalamata Tapenade
Kalamata Tapenade 80gram and 160gram

Terrine (approx 3 week shelf-life)

Duck and Green Peppercorn 100 gram
Pork Rillettes 100 gram
Chicken and Pistachio 100 gram
Provencial Terrine 100 gram
Bacon and Prune Terrine 100 gram

Shelf Stable Product Range Glass Jars (6 month shelf-life)

Pork Rillettes 100 gram
Duck Rillettes 100 gram
Chicken & Duck Parfait 100 gram
Duck Liver Parfait 100 gram


280 gram packs
Large 70 gm Sausage 4 per pack
Packaged in vacuum bags with brown cardboard wrappers

Traditional Toulouse
Pork and Fennel
Fresh Chorizo
Angus Beef Sausage
Louisiana Andouilles
The Artisan Experience

280 gram packs
Smaller 47 gm Sausage 6 per pack

Breakfast Toulouse
Chicken & Bacon
Pure Pork Chipolata
Peking Maximus
Lamb Merguez

French Grind – Premium coarse grind season mince – 450 gram pack
French Grind Mince
French Grind Toulouse
French Grind Pork & Fennel
French Grind Angus Beef


DELBOS Salamis
Del-Sremska Mild (Chorizo Style)
Del- Sremska Hot (Chorizo Style)
Del-Saucisson Mild
Del-Sujuka Mild (Beef Salami)
Wild Venison Medium
Wild Goat Salami

Cured Meats
Del-Peka – Lonzino
Del-Bujola – Capicola
Del-Beef – Bresola