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When Guillame arrived in New Zealand the humble sausage was pretty shameful – off-cuts of old meat, chucked in a mixer with flour, preservatives and a side of she’ll be right. Drown it in tomato sauce and use it to keep the kids quiet. He set about making a sausage heroic enough to be served to the most discerning guest.

Our sausages use fresh free-range meat and produce, free from preservatives, gluten, starch and flour. This simplicity, and careful seasoning lets flavours shine, and with slow cooking the juices explode in your mouth. We also use natural casings, because it doesn’t make sense to wrap something so good in something artificial.

No tomato sauce necessary.

  • Chicken & Bacon Breakfast sausage
  • Traditional Toulouse
  • Pork & Fennel
  • Fresh Chorizo
  • Angus Beef
  • Merguez (North African spiced sausage in narrow breakfast casing)
  • The Artisan Selection (Toulouse, Pork & Fennel, Chorizo and Angus Beef)